Life’s too short. It’s too short.

I never made any promises to myself or anyone else about how regularly I would be posting on Another Bloody Blog. I think it was in an attempt to keep things loose, easy and free. I didn’t want to have the pressure of making sure I had something every week/month. I am doing this because I want too, so it makes sense to write only when I want to. This is only my second post and yet I have already felt a weird sense of pressure to write. Life however has had other plans.

I’ve had a shitter of a month personally and at home, and it’s meant I haven’t thought much about anything other than my nearest and dearest, the muggle job and my next coffee fix. So I haven’t written, but I am on a train to London to visit some beautiful human beings and I felt like writing – so here we are.

Life really is too short. It’s so easy to forget it sometimes and then life comes right out of nowhere and reminds you with the mother of all gut punches. We are all mortal. As far as I’m concerned you get one ride in this life, potentially many more await, but I’ll be damned if I waste mine. Silver linings are a funny thing. Sometimes they’re impossible to see, sometimes they are staring you right in the face and sometimes they reveal themselves sliver by sliver. My most recent one is the latter kind. Almost cruelly slow, posing as the first, but sure enough it’s there, winking at me.

Whoever you are; whatever you do, do it because you LOVE it. Don’t settle. You are deserving of whichever life you chose. But chose. Be bold. Claim it. Because life won’t wait for you.

It’s all very easy for me to type this for you, but I am also trying to life by it. Trying. It’s hard to find the motivation when you know you’re one in hundreds of thousands of people trying to crack an industry which seems uncrackable some days. But I keep telling myself no one got anywhere by not trying. I want it. So I’ve gotta try.

I’ve learnt and am still learning that we are all on our own paths. It doesn’t matter how quick or slow you go, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t get that job and someone else did, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t do work today. It’s okay. You’ll find your way. Just don’t give up.

Keep pushing. I’m with you. I see you. You got this.

Speak soon, M x

‘If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint”, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

~ Vincent Van Gogh

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