Dearest Reader may I start by just stating, for the record, I am not a historian, writer, journalist or indeed the owner of any other noble profession which would make me at all qualified to write blogs or rambles of this nature. I am also not under any illusion that anyone will give a flying f*** about what I have to say. And yet I shall write my blogs or rambles nonetheless.

A short introduction; I am Megan (Meg). I am a 22 year old graduate who studied acting. I am trying, trying being the imperative word here, to navigate life as a creative. Patti Smith once said ‘I had no proof that I had the stuff to be an artist, though I hungered to be one’. (I know it’s only paragraph two and I’m already quoting people, I apologise, but please stick with me – anyway…) that’s sort of where I am at the moment; trying to find my proof and a little balance. Perhaps this is actually more for me than it will be for you dear reader (at least she’s honest) but join me for the ride? The rest, I’m sure you’ll and hopefully I’ll pick up on the way.